Content Without Perfection

23 year old recent College Alumni!!!!!
Goal-driven and dreamer of many dreams. This woman you are looking at has been through things where it seemed that there was no way out. It was God's grace, mercy and love that have kept me going. This past year has probably been the roughest year I have ever experienced but in that time I have leaned on God more than ever. Because of those hard times, my faith has grown more than I ever thought it would. Everyday is getting better and better knowing that God is faithful and He will never give me anything I couldn't handle. He has blessed me and I can't thank Him enough! I am happiest that I have been and I love it! What ever happens, I can take rest in knowing that I am stronger than the woman I used to be and God is not done with me yet!


Everybody, say cheese! by Wendy313 on Flickr.